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About The School

New England
​Trade School
​of Masonry

The mission of the New England Trade School of Masonry is to provide functional education and artistic appreciation of masonry to students who wish to achieve a personal or professional level of success in this traditional trade.

  • Accomplished: Teaching students the trade
  • Awarded: Supported by reputable brands
  • Architected: The program is designed and structured
    by professionals in the trade.
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What's Included


The one-year Mason Apprentice Certificate program is designed for the student to develop professional skills and knowledge in the brick, block and stone masonry fields.


A growing trade, with unlimited potential for growth.


Through hands on training and projects, you will be able to effectively communicate your knowledge on the job.


Upon completion of program there is guaranteed job placement.

Skilled Labor

A dying breed, there is a vast need for skilled laborers. You will have at your disposal an invaluable skill, and great job security.



Post Graduation

Job Placement Network

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Your New Career Awaits

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